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              Welcome to the official website of Suzhou Cowin Laser Technology Co., Ltd.!

              中文 15062308347
              PRODUCTS SHOW

              PRODUCTS SHOW

              Quality wins trust, technology makes the future

              G10.5 Array Repair

              G10.5 Array Repair

              Device technology core

              -High-precision laser control technology

              -Automatic maintenance technology

              -FSM technology

              -CVD Alloy technology (Keyun patent)

              -Ag/PR INK technology

              -Low cost 1μm Cut technology

              Equipment application scenarios

              -Display panel industry array process metal circuit breaker repair

              -Repair of metal circuit residues in the array process of the display panel industry

              -Repair of photoresist residues in the array process of the display panel industry

              -Applied to G10.5 generation line, glass substrate size 3370×2940mm

              產品G10.5 Array Repair
              Array:2Cycle:AG Line Inkjet Process  =>2Cycle +線寬(7um)+膜厚(>1500A)
              Inline Ink 140s
              Final Ink200s
              Array CUT1點 42s
              Array CVD:

              Line CVD Processing=>2cycel+線寬(5um)+厚度(>2000A)120s 126s

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